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My driving test story

Sooo..I’m 21 I can’t drive. Sad right?
Well i was in a car accident that pretty much traumatized me for the rest of my life. I finally decide to face my fears and try and get a license.

Well… I passed my written (permit) in oregon when I was 16 and never ended up trying to get my actual license. Then I moved to ca at 19 and still never even thought about driving. Here I am 21 with no Ls. Still. Sooooo
I decided to do it because working and going to school is hard without transportation. Today I took my test. It was all good. Made left n right turns signaled. .. etc blah blah blah he didn’t even have me park. He told me okay make a right at the dmv
As I’m pulling in I RUN OVER THE FUCKING CURB…. I said out loud. “Wowww are u serious” he looked at me like I was talking to him him but I was actually talking to the damn curb for being in my way.

So I park and he tells me I got a perfect score till I ran over the curb and that was an automatic fail… Smh
There automat automat any curbs when you’re driving down the at whyyyy does it matter smh.
I’m pretty bummed. Oh well
In my defence
I drove a car that I wasn’t used to to take my test. The car I been practicing in is a lot smaller and hugs curbs but wasn’t available today so I had no choice.


I’m actually really bummed.
Someone cheer me Up Please :/


i’m still pissed off about growing up

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Sooooo…. I failed my drivers test

Looks like I’m forever getting chauffeured around
#ImsoFANCY #JKICantDrive :((((